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Blossom Pollen - Extra quality

Art.-Nr.: 36

800 g

22.50 EUR (per 1 kg = 28.13 EUR)

from 3 items just 20.50 EUR (per 1 kg = 25.63 EUR)


The large expanses on the Spanish plateau are overgrown with cistus and other wild flowers. They are the home of our extraordinary blossom pollen of worldwide acknowledged quality. Bees collect pollen and shape them into golden yellow little lumps, the blooms pollen. They taste delicious in muesli, yoghurt or milk. 

Bee pollen are beneficial to your diet and give strength and vitality. In a favourable composition they contain essential vital substances that the human body needs for life and to increase its resistance power, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, enzymes and proteins.

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Directions: Take up to 2 tablespoons daily. Pollen taste delicious in cereals, yogurt or milk.

Nutritional Information

  per 100 g

calorific value

1601 kJ/381 kcal


10,0 g

- of which are saturated fatty acids

3,5 g


50,3 g

- ow which is sugar

34,7 g


11,1 g


16,9 g


0,0 g

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